Dear fellow disciples,
We are delighted and grateful for your visit at Spirit Dominion. We hope the content on this platform will enrich and help to know Him more. Spirit Dominion is a networking brand born out of a burning desire by the founders for the gospel to expand beyond the confines of today's ministerial undertakings. This desire is deeply heaped in an understanding of marketing trends in the information age where coincidentally the words posted on a social networking site or at the back of a T-shirt are more influential and rich in brand equity than a good old verse in scripture.
Spirit Dominion seeks to use current powerful trends in marketing and social media to spread the message of the gospel ensuring accessibility and reach to a population previously un-evangelized in the traditional context. Enjoy surfing with us and please, remember to contact us or share your thoughts around our forum discussions on the blog. May the God of our salvation be with you and may He suturate your heart with peace thats beyond human understanding.

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