Dominion Man

In the English language, the word man stands for a fully grown up male human being. This description also extends towards “manly” features such as courage and virility. The description would also give basis for the role men have historically played in society. In modern times, a MAN (a male human being) holds the key to the nations –and the nations are in crisis. It is often said that as a man goes, so does his family, society and the world. However men have lost the idea of where they are going due to mainly a lost identity. Consequences in the families, society and the nation are dire due to this lost identity .

Traditionally, men are defined by their roles which also offer continuity and balance. Recently, most men have started questioning who they are and what role they are to play. So, on the surface they continue to follow customary life pursuits, sucoloh as working, marrying, and having a family. Yet, there is an inner uncertainty about what it means to be a man, husband and father
Conflicting signals from society to men
Traditional views of masculinity
New ideas of manhood
Man as a gentleman (treat women with special care and courtesy)
Equality between the genders
Bread winner and provider
Joint house hold incomes (some times with women as bread winners)
Clear lines and easily connected dots for cross gender relationships (eg marriage)
  • Same sex marriages/partnerships
  • Leader of the household
  • Partner in a joint household leadership formation
  • Manhood defined by various roles fulfilled within the family and society
  • Roles in transition (women can do most of these)


As a result, there are no more solid definition of masculinity to give men a cultural context in life. Making most men feel they have lost a part of themselves, without anything concrete to replace it with –often they don’t even feel wanted, or needed by women any longer. Leading to a dangerous breakdown in understanding, communication, and cooperation between men and women that is unnatural and unhealthy: Men have lost purpose!
Why? Conflicting messages from society about what it means to be a man
Hold on to traditional roles of men
Head of the family
Give direction
Homophobia is “right”
The old system did not reflect the full purpose and potential of men, and women were often devalued under it
Follow the new views of manhood
Partner to your wife
Friend to your children
Co-bread winner
Homosexuality is “normal”
Ambiguous and confusing. They tend to focus on roles rather than on the male’s underlying purpose and identity


In some of the cases due to absence of fatherhood (work, death, general irresponsibility or jail), the mother played a father figure role which further removed a sense of role models for young boys as they grew up…adding to the uncertainty of the role of a man. Many of the current social problems flow from purposelessness and footlessness’ among men:
  • Teenage pregnancies
  • Crime (including rape, murder, theft)
  • Poverty
  • Homosexuality
  • Alcohol and drug abuse
Majority of crime is committed by men. More and more boys between the ages of 8 and 18 are serving time in jail…Worldwide. It is generally a male issue!
What happens if we continue in this sate of uncertainty for men? The world continues to get worse!
So what then?
Many are the plans in a man’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails –Proverbs 19:21. We need to understand the dominion role of men. It is important to note that that in order to discover the purpose of something, we never ask the creation, we ask the creator. We find our purpose only in the mind of our Maker. The following sit at the core of creation of man:
  • The male as visionary and leader –God always provides for the vision He gives
  • The male as teacher and cultivator –when a man teaches his family God’s word and ways, he attracts God’s trust and friendship
  • The male as provider and protector –God has given men the ability to provide for and protect everything He has entrusted to their care
  • A man and his sex life: sex is a physical sign of a spiritual act –the giving of oneself to another completely, to another and for another
Establishing Dominion Man: objectives
  • Establishing a generation of Real Men
    • Mentor men into becoming Real Men
    • Educating young boys to become Real Men
    • In partnership with Elisha’s room, build the family unit with men as true heads
  • Enabling the body of Christ
    • Become custodians of the body of Christ
    • Using our talents for the benefit of the church though active participation in the church
  • Establish business networks in the Kingdom
    • Create wealthy church members to enable the great commission –in partnership with Women’s ministry
    • Start a Spider Web doctrine –”a Rand does not leave the kingdom”
  • Community Relevance
    • Become agents of moral regeneration
    • Become partners in the community with other entities with similar values and objectives
Enabling the purpose of Dominion Man
God always creates according to the requirements of His purposes. God created the heavens and the earth…He created a man (spirit) in His image, and housed him in a male and a female (“both male and female He created them”). The difference between male and female is only physical –not spiritual! The purpose of the male (man) in creation is his priority, position and assignment! The male was made to serve the needs of man on earth while giving all glory to God in heaven.
Man’s priority : man’s order in creation and what this means in regard to his reason for being.
The male is the foundation of the human family (only he comes from the earth). When men have cracks in the substructure of their lives, the whole building of humanity is on shaky ground. The foundation has to have the first priority because everything else will be built on it. When a negative history predicts your future, your present is in trouble
Man’s position: man’s environment and place in which he was placed to carry out his purpose.
The primary purpose of the male is to be in God’s presence. God did not intend for Adam to move from the garden. He intended for the garden to move over the earth. All men are searching for God in one way or another. God always gives us just enough to train us for the future (God placed the man in the garden of Eden in order to train him for the rest of the earth)
Man’s assignment
Man’s function that he has been given while in the earth. Adam was shown his environment, the garden and also given all the instructions to live by (Gen 2:15-17) prior to Eve being created! Everything that’s necessary to lead the family is built into the male. God intended men to be primarily responsible for teaching His ways, be fruitful (cultivate or work the garden Gen 2:15), provide for those they responsible for (work exposes your potential, keeps you close to God and is a basis for the purpose of providing). God did not name the woman, He wanted the man to be totally responsible for the woman (…you name it, you claim it, you get it, you must then cherish it, love it… ) –that’s why traditionally a woman takes her husband’s name. He is responsible for her!
On being a real man
God’s purpose should saturate and overflow a man’s life
A real man:
  • Desires and loves God and His presences
  • Seeks to restore God’s image in himself
  • Aspires to work and to develop his gifts and talents
  • Honours his marriage and family above personal interest
  • Endeavors to learn, live and teach God’s word and principles
  • Demonstrates faith and inspires it in others
  • Is committed to cultivating others to be the best they can be
  • Loves compassion, mercy and justice
  • Is faithful and loyal to the kingdom of God and his mission, the church