Spirit Youth

Youth Development
Spirit Dominion Youth Development was established in 2012 as part of Spirit Dominion Trust in response to growing concern about the youth in the Christian faith. We are dedicated to contributing to better futures for youth in the kingdom. We share with many the conviction that too many children and youth are at the risk of being lost to the Christian faith because opportunities are too few, too fragmented, too problem-focused, and too distant from family and neighborhood.
Our mission for the next ten years is to be both opportunistic and strategic on an international, national and local level in shifting the public debate and commitment from youth problems to youth development. Our goals are: 1) to make opportunities accessible for youth to be productive and involved citizens; 2) to increase the number of people, places, and possibilities available to young people 3) to strengthen and support local systems in order to build a comprehensive youth development infrastructure; and 4) to increase public and private sector will to support positive development for Christian youth. At the core of this framework are three basic tenets:
  • Positive outcomes should be defined and monitored as carefully as negative behaviors.
  • academic skills are not enough -- young people are engaged in the development of a full range of competencies -- personal, social, vocational, health, civic
  • Skill building is best achieved when young people are confident of their abilities, contacts and resources and called upon by their communities to use their skills.
To facilitate development of young people and change the next generation

Why youth development?


One can define ‘youth development’ as the ongoing growth process in which all youth are engaged in attempting to (1) meet their basic personal and social needs to be safe, feel cared for, be valued, be useful, and be spiritually grounded, and (2) to build skills and competencies that allow them to function and contribute in their daily lives.

This definition accurately describes youth development as a process that all young people go through on the way to adulthood. As the definition implies, it is a process or journey that automatically involves all of the people around a youth—family and community. A young person will not be able to build essential skills and competencies and be able to feel safe, cared for, valued, useful, and spiritually grounded unless their family and community provide them with the supports and opportunities they need along the way. Youth development, then, is a combination of all of the people, places, supports, opportunities and services that most of us inherently understand that young people need to be happy, healthy and successful. Youth development currently exists in a variety of different places, forms and under all sorts of different names.
People, programs and institutions involved in youth development are working toward positive results in the lives of youth. Some have clearly defined these desired positive results—or outcomes—in an attempt to more effectively work toward them. There are many efforts to define the outcomes of youth development, and while language may differ from place to place most express the results that most people want for their own children. These outcomes include but move above and beyond the academic skills and competencies which are the focus of most schools. Spirit Dominion has identified those outcomes as the following:
Aspects of Identity
Areas of Ability
  • A Sense of Safety and Structure
  • High Self-Worth and Self Esteem
  • Feeling of Mastery and Future
  • Belonging and Membership
  • Perception of Responsibility and Autonomy
  • A Sense of Self-Awareness and Spirituality
  • Physical Health
  • Mental Health
  • Intellectual Health
  • Employability
  • Civic and Social Involvement
There are a number of well-known factors in youths’ lives which contribute to reaching these positive developmental outcomes. In most cases, the youth in today’s society does not have a family or community to rely. As such, Spirit Dominion seeks to ensure that the gap left by a “normal” family and community is breached as far as possible. Of course we will not be able to all we can and as such we focus on quality of delivery rather than quality.
Spirit Youth Education Fund
At Spirit Dominion, we believe that it is important that the Christian faith future proofs out society in order to counter today’s social ills in the next generation. We believe there is only one way to future proof society of tomorrow: educate the youth. As such, we engage in facilitating tertiary education for young Christians from indignant backgrounds and discipleship (matching young people with potential coaches and mentors). This is done through established enduring partnership and financial assistance through Spirit Youth Education Fund (SDEF). The success in our approach to developing young leaders is rooted in the belief that paying for tuition is not enough. We believe education happens both inside the lecture room as well as by walking with those who have come before us.